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Facebook under lockdown

Facebook is about connecting socially with your community, usually around personal topics and interests. It’s used almost universally by its addressable audience (3 billion internet users if we exclude China, where Facebook is banned). Many businesses use their Facebook company pages as their website, a very common practice in Asia. It does get political, but the divide from left to right is evenly spread. The platform skews male and covers the ages 18-54 years old comfortably.

What can B2B marketers use it for

In a B2B context, I’ve personally had the most success with Facebook for marketing events. You can do micro-boosts (of $5-$10) on posts with great success – I usually pick the event launch post to boost. It also works well for professional services that deliver advice, training or keynotes on motivational topics like courage or innovation that are more personal in nature.

Key statistics

Monthly active users (MAU): 2.65 billion

Biggest markets: Asia (41%) driven by India (10%) and Indonesia (4.6%) – India is the biggest Facebook market and Indonesia is the 3rd biggest.

Average engagement rate: 3.42% (in my experience it has good engagement, but poor click-through)

Website visitor-to-lead conversion: 0.77%

Average account size: 338 followers

Time on site per day: 37 minutes per day

Best content to post

Tone: Informal.

Post time: Evenings and weekends.

Post style: Games, challenges, quizzes, free resources, CSR and charity work. Native video does well.

Do: Experiment and get creative, engage with your audience.

Don’t: Post business and professional topics as people are trying to unwind on Facebook.

Impact of Covid-19 disruption

After an initial surge of Facebook activity, especially in March, the number of posts has sunk and the engagement rate has gone down. Facebook also bought in a new feature during covid-19, they bought in some stickers that allow people to show love to small businesses they loved in their community. They have also promoted their already existing resource pages for small businesses and Messenger chat app, with promises of upgrading the app soon.

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Credit: Rival IQ

How should you use Facebook under lockdown?

  1. Use Facebook to market online webinars.

  2. Larger businesses can show love to the smaller businesses that support them with the new stickers.



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