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LinkedIn under lockdown

LinkedIn in sits at the top of our list because it is absolutely the most effective for B2B marketing. LinkedIn claims that 80% of B2B leads come through LinkedIn. People go here to build their professional brand and network, with a view to building a great career or win business. The biggest market is the US, though Singapore is in the top 3 most connected countries in the world. The audience skews male, age 30-44 and US-based, as well as being associated with high income, experience, and education. It has an incredibly high proportion of senior decision-makers. Only about 1% of LinkedIn accounts have over 10,000 followers and only about 0.2% of LinkedIn users have used the publishing function (they publish 130,000 articles a week). Astonishingly, about 55% of decision-makers say they check out LinkedIn content while making a purchasing decision, so a trick is being missed here.

What can B2B marketers use it for

Use it to build the personal profiles of your star rainmakers. At a minimum, get them to add a professional photo, fill out your summary (most likely to be filled out by Directors), and add your job experience (most likely to be filled out by Managers).

Join the 0.2% who publish articles. If you are new to this, choose a question you get asked a lot, research it and synthesise the results. According to the data, LinkedIn articles of 1900 words do best.

Companies post jobs on LinkedIn, share company insights, and market events.

Key statistics

Total users: 660 million in 200 countries

Total companies: 30 million

Monthly active users (MAU): 260 million

Biggest markets: US (165 million users), India (62 million users) and China (48 million users)

Average engagement rate: 0.054% for company page posts. In professional services, it is more like 0.3% for company page posts. For personal page posts it is closer to 0.5%.

Website visitor-to-lead conversion: 2.74%

Median account size: 500-999 followers

Time on site per visit: 10:20 minutes visiting 8.5 pages

Best content to post

Tone: Formal

Post time: 8am-5pm Monday to Thursday

Post length: Don’t be afraid of hitting the word limit of 1,300 on personal posts, but keep branded posts from the company page to 3 lines.

Post style: Static posts that start with an open question that is answered after the link improve click-through rate. An image and consistent messaging throughout are a must. Bulleted tips or key lessons do well. Mention the industry and/or target audience early for better results. Native video of 30-90 seconds does well. Include @mentions and #tags.

Do: Encourage rainmakers to publish any long-form content they have created as LinkedIn articles

Don’t: Share political views

Top Tip: You can repost LinkedIn articles on your company blog as long as you change the headline and the first paragraph – this will boost SEO.

Impact of Covid-19 disruption

Due to lockdowns worldwide, lots more people are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn says that they are seeing 22% extra sessions in Q1 of 2020 and engagement at “record levels”. LinkedIn still has the highest proportion of views from desktop of any social media channel. They are also seeing job postings at “record levels”, they haven’t provided statistics, but they normally list about 20 million jobs with 3 million posted each month.

How should you use LinkedIn under lockdown?

  1. LinkedIn has good organic reach, so focus there if your ad budget is being cut.

  2. Try a LinkedIn influencer campaign with niche influencers of 5000-10,000 followers (only 1% of LinkedIn has over 10,000 followers), they will often post for free if they feel that there is good brand alignment.

  3. Develop a LinkedIn content strategy and train your rainmakers on social selling. Get them publishing LinkedIn articles. This will also make your business more future proof if we need to go into lockdown again in future peaks.



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