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Twitter under lockdown

People come to Twitter to engage in politics and their wider industry. In the US, Twitter’s biggest market, 10% of the accounts create 80% of the tweets, and only 6% of users create 73% of the political tweets. This may come as a surprise, but the site actually leans left on the political opinion expressed (in the US at least) – 36% of users identify as Democrats and 21% identify as Republicans. Barack Obama is the most followed person on Twitter. Importantly, 12% of Americans claim to get their news from Twitter. Although it skews male in its subscriber base, 65% of the most prolific users are female. Twitter users are generally younger, more highly educated, and with a higher income than the general population. Oddly enough, YouTube is the most followed brand on Twitter and is the only brand to make the list of top 10 most-followed accounts. Like Facebook, Twitter has had significant problems with fake news and fake accounts, though seems to be making serious efforts to tackle these. For this reason, Twitter works best when tied into a real-life offline event, community, or activity.

What can B2B marketers use it for

B2B marketers should use it to release PR, insights, and news updates. They can also follow news in the markets they support with a high degree of granularity. Entrepreneurial communities within emerging industries often congregate on Twitter.

Key statistics

Monthly active users (MAU): 321 million

Monetisable daily users: 145 million

Biggest markets: US (64 million), Japan (48 million), Russia (24 million), and UK (18 million).

Average engagement rate: 0.02-0.09% on a median of 0.86 posts per day - interestingly Media had the most posts per day at over 10 but an abnormally low engagement rate at 0.009%.

Website visitor-to-lead conversion: 0.69%

Average account size: 707 followers (391 million accounts have no followers at all)

Time on site per visit: 3:39 minutes

Best content to post

Tone: Informal, irreverent, and opinionated

Post time: 8am-4pm Monday to Friday (9am Wednesday is best)

Do: Include a disclaimer saying these are your opinions and not those of your company, especially if you intend to be irreverent or sarcastic.

Don’t: Post more than 2 posts per day

Impact of Covid-19 disruption

Twitter jumped to 166 million daily users during Q1 of 2020, which was a 24% increase compared with the same quarter last year. This uptick was particularly strong in Japan, which is an important country for Twitter and started dealing with the pandemic earlier than most. In Q2 2020, the engagement and number of tweets plunged.

Although ad spend dropped, total ad engagement increased by 25%.

Twitter bought in a new feature during covid-19, they bought in a fact-check feature. The goal was to help the general public sort good covid-19 advice from bad covid-19 advice. This is in line with their longer strategy of tackling the misinformation, bots, and fake news on their site - a problem they have taken more seriously than Facebook.

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How should you use Twitter under lockdown?

  1. Use Twitter to track news in market segments you cover, you can and should go very, very niche. You should also be sure to share your PR and market updates on Twitter, especially relating to your company's response to the lockdown.

  2. If you are fortunate enough to still have your ad budget, shift your ad spending towards Twitter and WeChat where there is rising ad engagement.


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