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If you want some in-depth strategic advice on your approach to marketing, we will jump on a 60-minute call to help you see your path to growth. We will need to review any documents beforehand to ensure we have all the information to advise you properly. We will ask you to pre-pay before you can book the full 60 minutes.

This is the best option to get direction, but if you want involvement and support for a key project throughout the month. You can also supplement other work we are doing by bringing us in only when you need us.

Our Managing Director, Sarah Lewis, applied UX Design and Design Thinking at Baker McKenzie in Asia Pacific when she built their Digital Marketing department from scratch.

Social Selling: She pioneered social selling for lawyers in Asia Pacific, generating new business opportunities.

Project Management: Sarah Lewis was able to support Baker McKenzie in winning and implementing a $1 million project with solid project management. She has project management events that created almost $4 million in revenue.

Social Media Marketing: She also doubled the size of the Asia Pacific audience from 12,000 to 24,000 in 2 years, accounting for half the social media audience growth for the entire firm. She quadrupled the impressions per year for Asia Pacific to 4 million, with 60,000 engagements and 30,000 clickthroughs. This produced a Click Through Rate (CTR) of double the industry average.

UX Design: Apart from process and service design for the digital marketing department, Sarah created a gamified corporate training app, called The Ethics Training Game. This was three years before gamified legal training delivered by app was a topic of the world's largest legal marketing conference. It is a role-play game that taught people how to respond to common compliance situations. She also developed an interactive map for clients, that delivered advice tailored to that client. The map went on to be shortlisted for an FT Innovative Lawyer Award 2015 in the In-House category.

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