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Innovation for Marketing Teams

You have an established marketing team. Perhaps you're even a big company. You know that the world is changing quickly and your marketing team needs to become better at creating value from new ideas. Maybe your company has an innovation team, but how does that play out on the ground in marketing? Let us help you empower your frontline marketers to apply trends and new ideas in real-time with The Six 'I's® of Innovation in a half-day workshop.


What will you get?
  1. Understand a tried-and-tested system for innovation that helps people to innovate flexibly in real-time, The Six 'I's® of Innovation.
  2. Explore how innovation in marketing works with our Managing Director, Sarah Lewis, who has innovated at corporated marketing departments.
  3. Empower individuals to innovate in real-time, in alignment with each other, by understanding their individual and team innovation skills profile.
  4. Facilitated discussion about how your marketing team will.
  5. Marketing Team Innovation Skills Report.
  6. Book: Yes, You Can Innovate by Natalie Turner, inventor of The Six 'I's® model.