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33 Ubi Avenue 3, #08-13 The Vertex, Singapore 408868

Vision and Mission


To create work spaces where people can fulfil their highest potential. We partner with B2B services companies with extraordinary, people-centred missions and we help them to scale their impact.


To find your path to growth and to serve you on the journey.


We value service and innovation.

Service because it's our job to provide service for you and we want you and your clients to enjoy the journey.

Innovation because we often work with cutting-edge small businesses with limited resources. We have to be inventive to find their path to growth and we are often operating in an unknown or new environments. We need to be more than creative, we need to have implementation follow-through.


Service is about creating value for other people. Most of our clients are small companies with limited resources. What they usually want is a well-run marketing system that frees up their time and produces leads (which mean cash flow). We have developed systems that work in a small business context and we involve you only where we need to.

We follow the below service principles:

There's no wrong door
You can ask any of the team for the most updated document and it will be provided to you.

We bounce up
If something goes wrong, or a flaw in the process is revealed, then we will seek to raise our standard to a higher level rather than returning it to the same level.

There's always opportunity to improve
We believe that there is always an opportunity to improve our service and our craft, no matter how small. How do we improve? We apply innovation principles and methodologies so we can innovate systematically.


Innovation is about creating value from new ideas. Most of our clients are doing something new in the market, be they innovation consultants, human-centred career consultants, experience gift companies, or professional speakers with an important message. This means that we sometimes need to think outside the box.

We follow the below approach to innovation:

Purpose is central
To create value from a new idea, you need to stay aligned to the purpose of the business, the activity, and the reason for innovating. Our default purpose for innovating is our service culture and approach.

Innovation belongs to everyone
Each person on our team takes the Six 'I's® Innovation Strengths Profile so that they understand their individual contribution, the team's overall skills profile, and the contribution of their team mates. We don't leave it to chance.

Innovation is more than creativity
Lots of ideas that don't get done are of no use. We value a diversity of skills to create value from new ideas.


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