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Infrastructure Set-Up (6 weeks)

You have a small business and you've been doing all your marketing yourself until recently. You think the time has come to get things set up properly. You are not certain where to start or you struggle with digital marketing technologies and especially connecting them. We can help.

Our INFRASTRUCTURE SET-UP package takes 6 weeks. We will start with an initial meeting to understand your needs better, including what you already have available. We will also send you a Google Form requesting information and assets, such as your logo files. Once we have those, we will set up the digital marketing accounts you need, fill all the technical gaps in your current infrastructure, develop templates for you to use, and connect everything together. We will pass you an operations manual at the end with instructions on how to use the tools to complete key marketing tasks.

What will we do?

  1. SEO Audit and technical SEO upgrade
  2. Set up your brand identity including a brand book, slides, and social media images.
  3. Set up social media accounts properly
  4. Set up Canva with a social media image template
  5. Set up MailChimp with a template newsletter
  6. Research 50 partnership opportunities to help you grow
  7. Improve your website technical
  • Run diagnostics
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Add Google Tag Manager
  • Add Hotjar for user experience (UX) heatmaps
  • Add social media pixels
  • Add
At the end of the project, you will receive a operations manual. The manual will provide you with all your account details and step-by-step instructions for how to do key marketing tasks. A beginner will be able to follow the instructions.
If you have all your infrastructure set up correctly already and what to move on to the next step, you can try these Pay-As-You-Go options:
  1. 1-hour consultation call ($300)
  2. Skills Workshops (from $3000)