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Strategy Set-Up (6 weeks)

You run a small business and you've been doing your marketing by yourself for a while. You feel like you need a clear direction though. You want to avoid spray-and-pray tactics and align your activities. We can help. Our STRATEGY SET-UP package takes 6 weeks. First, we'll meet with you to find out your needs and goals. We will then send you some Google Forms to collect any existing key information or assets that you have, such as an existing strategy document. Once we have those we'll formulate some key strategic documents for you, such as personas and a messaging framework. After we've confirmed those with you, we'll run a marketing strategy workshop using The Six 'I's® of Innovation. Before the workshop, we will ask you to take a skills test, research trends and competitors, and read the documents we've put together. At the workshop, we'll facilitate you through building your marketing strategy, adding expert marketing tips to the mix. After the workshop, we'll create a strategy document based on what was discussed along with 2-3 slides that you can use to explain your strategy to others.

What will you get?

  1. Personas of your key customers
  2. Messaging Framework
  3. Marketing Strategy Workshop
  4. Marketing Strategy Document
  5. Your Six 'I's® skills profile


If you already have a strategy, you can try the following Pay-As-You-Go options.

  1. Infrastructure Set-up ($5000)
  2. Skills Workshops (from $3000)
  3. Pay-As-You-Go Content (from $500)